The Founders:


The two brothers and David have been friends since primary school, and after many long conversations in the pub have decided to pool their skills and expertise to revolutionise the plumbing industry.


Who we are

Our Mission Statement:


"Plumb Doctor’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable Plumbing advice service in the hands of every household"


Why us:


We provide a service that equips you, the customer, with the direction to fix your issue there and then, or the impartial advice on further work required. We aim to empower you to take control of your plumbing problem. If the fix isn’t possible we provide you the information; cost estimate(s) and necessary parts to ensure you don’t pay too much for future work.


Why Now?


Video technology can put a plumber in the palm of your hand in seconds.Tired of being ripped off? Tired of unnecessary call out charges? Yeah, we are too! We have no interest in over charging, we have no interest in securing an over priced job, we are here to provide the customer with the information you need and deserve.

Adam Gray

The Legal Guy


Having worked in the UK Legal sector for the past 10 years, Adam is acutely aware of customers’ concerns regarding confidentiality and data protection (especially in an unregulated marketplace such as plumbing). Adam is determined to ‘clean up’ the plumbing industry and strongly believes that the skill set of the founders at Plumb Doctor places them in a unique position to do so. He also has a 6 month old daughter, Amelie, and is currently fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer - proof that no challenge is too big to tackle.


James Gray | Plumb Doctor Live | Impartial plumbing advice

James Gray

The Boss


Has worked for over 10 years at leading institutions across Financial Markets, having graduated from The University of Cambridge in 2009. Best mates with David since they were 8, and younger brother to Adam. James brings the sales growth and results driven nature to the business.


David Barratt | Plumb Doctor Live | Impartial plumbing advice

David Barratt

The Plumber


Raised in a household with an family owned construction business, I've always been interested in entrepreneurial problem solving. I started my plumbing apprenticeship directly after school back home in Yorkshire, and after 5 years of learning my craft from the ground up, I moved to London in 2010 where I started working on bigger and better projects. I've found myself constantly being called by friends and family to come and fix plumbing problems in the house, and often realised I could have guided them through the fix with just a simple phone call - which is where the idea of Plumb Dr was born.


Adam Gray | Plumb Doctor Live | Impartial plumbing advice
Plumb Doctor | Impartial plumbing advice

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Plumb Doctor | Impartial plumbing advice
Plumb Doctor Live | Impartial plumbing advice

See an online Plumber in minutes, seven days a week using our innovative Video Call technology. Get help with Plumbing fixes, receive impartial advice on Plumbing problems and costs and feel empowered to deal with your Plumbing issue/emergency.


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